Setter slabs for sanitary ware


The ICRACONCEPT® refractory supports are distinguished by their light structure with a high moment of resistance and a much lower incidence of weight/m2 than traditional supports. In particular, the entire range of hollow-core setter slabs, thanks to their intrinsic qualities, permittes:
• Faster firing cycles and energy savings;
• Reduction in problems of thermal shock and cracking.

ICRA can satisfy every customer’s need thanks to its ability to produce setter slabs with widths of up to 625 mm and lengths of up to 2000 mm, and the possibility of creating various unique finishes. The products are made based on the CONCEPT C, CONCEPT C2 and CONCEPT C3 formulas, which are distinguished by their low coefficients of thermal expansion.

The exclusive ICRACONCEPT® brand is a guarantee of the technological specifications of our products.

High resistance to thermal shock
Greater heating and cooling rates with resulting energy savings
Greater homogeneity of temperature in the slab
Excellent performance during firing at high temperature
Less thermal Δ between the support and piece being fired
Absolute precision

ICRA Concept's formulations

Concept C

This type of formula is particularly suitable for firing sanitary ware in roller kilns, thanks to its excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Concept C2

This is ICRA’s most used refractory formula. C2 products are used by a great number of sanitary fittings manufacturers throughout the world. They offer countless advantages, including the lightness and resistance of the material.

Concept C3

This is the formula recommended for the most critical situations. Its main feature is that it offers greater refractoriness, thereby enabling large loads to be fired without having to increase the size of the refractory support. It is also suitable for manufacturing the columns required for the complex superstructures of kiln cars.



Technical characteristics