Research and development

Monitoring and analysis of raw materials through advanced machinery

Inside the laboratory, all activities of research, control and analysis of raw materials, finished products and production processes are carried out using advanced machinery such as:
Laser granulometer which ensures the suitability of the raw materials characteristics.
Diffractometer which controls the crystalline composition of raw materials and products.
Electronic microscope which highlights chemical composition.
TMA which evaluates the product’s creep.

The work in the laboratory is carried out alongside the entire production line. It becomes a particularly crucial step in the control of raw and fired materials. The products undergo MOR tests, thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance, hot and cold modulus of elasticity and alkali resistance tests, and other tests that are essential in ensuring quality for the customer.


Raw Materials

The search for quality begins with the careful selection of the raw materials used for the production of rollers, plates and silicon carbide materials.

Once the raw materials pure and not recycled have arrived at the warehouses, they undergo chemical, physical, crystallographic and granulometric analyses before being introduced into the production process. All refractory clays and other raw materials are processed exclusively using water without chemical additives.