Tailor-made solutions

The technical department thanks to his expertise, studies ad hoc projects

For ICRA every project is a challenge to overcome in terms of excellence and every product becomes a guarantee of quality. For this reason each piece created is marked with a code that provides details on the production information – the only real identity card that tells the story of each individual piece, from its birth to its packaging.

Thanks to continuous and constant collaboration with the client, the company structure is able to solve any technical problems and customize its production according to individual requirements.

The service

For ICRA, the customer is the cornerstone of corporate culture. A focus that is guaranteed in all of the company’s services:

Time Quick and punctual delivery times
Quality Unique quality of the products
Packaging Safe and appropriate packaging for individual products
Sinergy Continuous and constant proximity between company and customer
Custom solutions Ability to create solutions tailored to meet the full needs of the demand


Quotation Consulting

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