Refractory structures for kilns and kiln cars

ICRA develops and designs, in collaboration with its customers, special accessories and pieces for kilns, kiln cars and particular uses.

Kiln equipment

Dividing slabs for multi-channel roller kilns, tapped and with beam housing

Piastre divisorie per forni a rulli pluricanale, maschiate e con alloggiamento barre

Roller blocks extruded in dense material, with various pitches and lengths and low thicknesses

Suspended roof systems and kiln linings

Various profiles

We also produce heating element holders

Kiln car equipment


Supports for beams

Fibre protecting slabs

Parts for firing sanitary ware

We also produce columns with square, rectangular, circular and hexagonal cross-section, lightened and with lengths of up to 1900 mm

Technical characteristics


The exclusive ICRACONCEPT® brand is a guarantee of the technological specifications of our products.
High resistance to thermal shock.
Excellent performance during firing at high temperature.
Greater heating and cooling rates with resulting energy savings.
Less thermal Δ between the support and piece being fired.
Greater homogeneity of temperature in the slab.
Absolute precision.