More than half a century of experience and a very active attitude towards in-house research and development

ICRA is a leading manufacturer of ceramic rollers, refractory supports, special parts and products in silicon carbide. It is a family business that has to overcome the challenge of internationalisation thanks to past experience intertwined with innovation, quality, constant research, experimentation and flexibility. The protagonists are, however, always the same: the people, their professionalism, winning ideas and technology. ICRA’s success is a result of more than half a century of experience and a very active attitude towards in-house research and development.

These two levers have allowed the company to move from being a small factory producing refractory products for the steel industry to the solid reality that it is today, while firmly maintaining its roots in ‘Made in Italy’ values and essence. From the arrival of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished product, each process is in fact carried out internally within the company’s headquarters in San Paolo d’Argon, in the province of Bergamo (near Milan). ICRA branded products are fully Italian and their quality is continually verified via checks that are either carried out in department and in the in-house laboratory by highly qualified staff.

Our history


  • 1946

    ICRA is founded

  • 1955

    ICRA grows and the first batch of 1,000 sliding plates
    for the ceramics market is made

  • 1965

    Initial relationship with the tile market and the introduction of roller kilns

  • 1974

    ICRA expands and becomes a S.p.A. (Shares Company)

  • 1984

    The company grows and relocates to San Paolo d’Argon
    in the province of Bergamo

  • 1988

    ICRA registers its ceramic rollers with the brand name Pyroxal and presents the first products in silicon carbide

  • 1994

    The Icraconcept brand is registered

  • 2000

    ICRA continues the expansion of its sales network around the world

  • 2015

    Despite the economic crisis that hits the international market in 2008, ICRA continues to expand and invest in the future.


Strong points, why choose ICRA?

Choosing ICRA means placing your trust in a company that, for over half a century, has managed a business built on values, tradition, innovations, people, experience and professionalism.

Solid tradition More than half a century of innovation, research, quality and excellence.
Made in Italy From the arrival of raw materials to the final packaging, each process is carried out internally in the San Paolo d’Argon headquarters.
Internationality ICRA products are sold in five continents.
Materials and Technologies In each of the three areas (ceramic rollers, refractory kiln furniture and silicon carbide), high quality raw materials and modern machinery are used – all under the strict control of the staff and the in-house laboratory.
Service and Advice The customer is always the focus of ICRA, a company that is characterised by punctual delivery and continual support.
Taylor made solutions Each project is evaluated, studied and realised according to the requirements of the customer. As a result of this, the company now has more than 700 moulds available.
Research & Development - Innovation All research and control activities on raw materials and finished products are carried out in ICRA’s laboratories.
Ability to handle emergencies The direct relationship between the company and the customer ensures that project achievement processes and delivery schedules are optimised.
Quality All products leaving the factory are marked with a code from which the product’s manufacturing data entered into a database can be found, thus guaranteeing a level of quality that permeates through each step of the production process.

Our Structure

from raw material to finished product in 50,000 square meters