Ceramic rollers

For its Pyroxal® 493, Pyroxal® 50, Pyroxal® HT and Pyroxal® ZR ceramic rollers, ICRA has studied formulas with chemical-physical characteristics that specifically qualify them to be used in each zone of your kiln, enabling work to be done in maximum safety, increasing product yield and decreasing the need for maintenance.

Technical characteristics

Technical Data

Note: The technical data shown are indicative and they have been drown, where possible, from official standard or from standard internal tests. They serve to give general information, they are liable to natural deviations, depending on production and shape and they are not to be cited as guaranteed properties or guaranteed values and can be changed without notice.

The Pyroxal® roller best suited to each zone of your kiln

Pyroxal® 493

The choice of new raw materials and improvements made to the production process have increased the quality of Pyroxal® 493 to a decidedly higher level than what is normally expected of a basic roller. The special composition just based on mullite and corundum, good resistance to hot bending and chemical attacks make Pyroxal® 493 a versatile roller, used with great satisfaction in current tile production processes (single fired, procelain tiles, etc.). These characteristics, combined with rigorous controls and accurate finishing, make Pyroxal® 493 rollers highly competitive.

Pyroxal® 50

The specific mineral composition, micro-structure and porosity of Pyroxal® 50 have been studied to provide excellent resistance to chemical aggression, reducing matrix vitrification induced by the presence of vapours in kilns. Pyroxal® 50 has medium-high density values, a low thermal expansion coefficient ratio, excellent resistance to hot bending strength and sudden temperature changes. The special porosity with characteristic low total pore area values guarantees that residue left by the tile does not adhere to the roller surface making it last longer. These characteristics make Pyroxal® 50 just the right roller to work in conditions in which it is needed an elastic modulus higher than the one of a standard roller.

Pyroxal® HT

Pyroxal® HT is the answer to the market need for technical and much wider kilns for the production of tiles with demanding size tolerances. Roller rigidity due to the really high elasticity modulus and excellent resistance to bending at high temperatures allow the Pyroxal® HT to work under heavy loads and at high firing temperatures.

Pyroxal® ZR

The Pyroxal® ZR roller is the only one of its kind. It ingeniously solves the problems of deformation of the rollers and tiles in the accelerated cooling area of kilns, thus improving output from production. Pyroxal® ZR has high heat conductivity and a low expansion ratio, ensuring temperature uniformity on the roller section and granting high resistance to heat shock and deforming at high temperatures. Blower tubes area also produced in Pyroxal® ZR as a very satisfactory alternative to those in metal or in Si-SiC.

Pyroxal® HT: To obtain the maximum quality on your products

The Pyroxal® HT roller was created in the ICRA laboratories after accurate research into raw materials and sophisticated production processes. Thus, its resulting characteristics enable it to work at high temperatures in particularly difficult conditions.

The Pyroxal® HT roller practically does not bend at high temperatures thanks to a high elastic modulus value and to its crystallographic stability. These characteristics allow you to obtain a high yield in your production. Closed porosity and choice of specifically selected raw materials, give Pyroxal® HT an excellent resistance to alkaline attack. The well known heat shock resistance feature, typical of all Pyroxal® rollers range remains unchanged.

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Coefficiente di elasticità in funzione della temperatura